A builder you can depend on.


A builder you can depend on.

Sia Her Yam Group of Companies are principally involved in property development since 1967. We have indeed come a long way, from a small-scale housing development company to an established property developer in northern Johor today.

Our development projects are mainly located in Segamat District although we also have projects in Pontian, Yong Peng, Kahang, Tangkak and Labis.

谢后炎集团自1967年创立以来,从当年僅在昔加末进行小规模的屋业发展计划到目前扩展成为柔北信誉卓越的产业佼佼者。现今, 本集团的 屋业发展已遍布柔州多个地区, 包括笨珍、永平、加亨、东甲和拉美士。

We strive to provide value-for-money and modern homes for the masses, enabling them to realize their dream of owning a home.

It is through this pro-active and sincere attitude towards our houses and customers that has won us popular acclaim and support for our development projects.


Looking into the future, we are confident of doing even better. With our resilience, comprehensive experience and your kind support, we shall continue to grow and improve, scaling greater heights in the years to come.


Our Vision

To be the top housing development company in Northern Johor, trusted and respected by our competitors.

Our Mission

To provide value-for-money, superior quality, innovative and modern homes for the community. To maximize shareholder value through profitable business strategies, healthy corporate governance and sound financial position.